Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone:)!!  I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!  I'm having a procrastination weekend, lol!!  I need to sew but I can't seem to get motivated enough to do anything except play:)  Oh well, it is a holiday weekend.   

ikkcon picture

Someone(Ecstacydoll) wanted to see a pic of my ikkicon cosplay contest costume, so here it is! Not the best picture but it's the only one I have:)

Mardis gras parade

 I think everyone is planning on going to the parade...so I thought I'd ask what everyone is planning on wearing?   I haven't decided yet.  I'll probably go in cosplay not Lolita since I'm walking with the Izumicon crew but I don't know what I want to wear yet.  What is everyone else planning on wearing?  

Interesting thought

Have you ever noticed that the amount of free time you have is inversely proportional the number of planned cosplay's?   What it all boils down to is......when I have free time I don't have anything to work on.  When I have a list of like a bejillion cosplays that still need to be done I have no free time!!  Just being silly:) 

(no subject)

 Just sitting here watching the sunday morning newscast.  I guess we're in for more ice:(  Ugh for missing work, yay for more time to sew:)

Monday sucks!

Monday Morning blues.....Ugh...I hate mondays:(  I've often thought it would be nice to skip working on mondays and start the week on Tues.  But then tues would soon start to feel like monday.....damn it all.  I guess I'll just have to stop whinning and get to work.  Work, work, work.........when's my next day off?  He he just kidding, I don't hate work that much, just hard to get back into the grove on monday morning...I'll be chipper again by midmorning(sighs to self as she sips her coffee)